Wednesday 25/04/2018

Σεμινάριο: Διοίκηση Ομάδας για Υπεύθυνους Βάρδιας & Εργοδηγούς Αποθήκης & Παραγωγής, Παρασκευή 27 Απριλίου
Σεμινάριο: Μεταφορικό Κόστος - Πόσο καλά το ελέγχουμε; Μπορούμε να το μειώσουμε; Πέμπτη 3 Μαΐου
Σεμινάριο: Το Budget ως βασικό εργαλείο διοίκησης στην Εφοδιαστική Αλυσίδα, Πέμπτη 10 Μαΐου
Σεμινάριο: Your Best Self Ever, Πέμπτη 17 Μαΐου

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The professionals of small retail trained in the conference of "MODERN MINI MARKET & KIOSK". More than 200 owners of small retail and employers attended the specialized to their needs conference. The conference was held during the 2nd Mini Market & Kiosk exhibition, for the 2nd year by Supply Chain Institute and with the scientific support of Planning. The conference covered 5 crucial points that intrigued the interest.

The conference started with the Secretary of Commerce, Mr. Stefanos Komninos who mentioned the need to diversify the products offered by small retail spots so that they can enhance their competitiveness while he announced practices by the General Secretariat of Commerce under which examines the aid for small retail business for networking and supplies products from small, local producers. During the first session of the conference, Mr. Athanasios K. Mavros General Manager PLANNING presented the the Decalogue of the right professional and the action which should not be missed, while highly informative about the picture of food retailing today and the role of small points retail were the speeches followed by Mr Eleytherio Kiose - Research Officer of IELKA and Mr John Zissis, Trade Marketing Manager of EI Papadopoulos SA.
The next section was devoted to the solutions currently offered by technology. Were summarized five information systems for the small retail in view of the advantages in the daily management of the mini market and kiosk, the risks that the systems can prevent and the protection they offer in terms of financial management, inventory tracking, order management, etc. To the section were placed Mr George Boretos - Marketing Head Vendor Diviosn SingularLogic, Orestes Tzanetis - Commercial Officer I KIOSK, Xanthippe Dontou - Marketing Manager MEGA SOFT, Paul Katsaros - Technical Director and Vice Chairman MOBILE TECHNOLOGY and Chris Alvanos - IT manager of KERVERUS IT.

The third section aroused great interest of the audience due to the presentation of the legal obligations which now have the professionals of small retail against the law and the state. This section began with the critical issue of illegal trade in tobacco products, developed to its full dimension Mr. James Kargarotos - General  Director Corporate Affairs PAPASTRATOS. On the issue of the necessity of liability insurance and commodity then referred Mr Konstantinos Karras - Owner and Director of FIQ BPOKERS while significant institutional changes in recent years, as the recent Sanitary Regulation GG 2718/8-10-2012 and other provisions has focused Mrs. Marilena Arghyrou, Managing Director of SUPPLY CHAIN ​​INSTITUTE.The next section which dealt with the prospects of expanding the business with new products and services, as well as the right merchandizing. To the section were placed Mr Emmanouil Damianakis - Chairman and CEO of Crete BREAD, Athanasios Kontzoglou - Sales Manager Bros KONTZOGLOU Distribution Networks SA and Theodore Karageorgos - Deputy Director of Business Development, WESTERN UNION. The possibilities of subsidizing enterprises of small retail developed Mrs Natasha Koumpourelou, Business Sector Manager and Alina Manoli - Senior Consultant of PLANNING. Highly informative for kiosk owners as to the legal compliance was the presentation by Mr. John Plakopoulos , Member Support Officer of INKAT AE - KIOSKY'S who explained step by step all the actions that a kiosk owner should do in order to maintain their business legally and to keep all the legal documents in order. The conference ended with a speech by Mr. Athanasios Tsougkarakis - Director of Network Sales ARVANITIS P. AEE which gave alternative services that can provide to small retail.

Conference Presentations:

Athanasios K. Mavros, Planning SA

Eleftherios Kioses, ΙIELKA


George Mporetos, SingularLogic

Orestis Tzanetis, i kiosk

Xanthippe Ntontou, MEGASOFT

Pavlos Katsaros, Mobile Technology

Iakovos Kargarotos - Mastrokostas John, Papastratos

Konstantinos Karras FIQBROKERS

Marilena Arghyrou, Supply Chain Institute

Marilena Arghyrou, Supply Chain Institute - FEK

Emmanouhl Damianakis, Krhtwn Artos


Theodoros Karageorgos, Western Union - Worldbridge

Natasa Koumpourelou- Alina Manoli, Planning

John Plakopoulos- INKAT AE - KIOSKY'S

Athanasios Tsougarakis, ARVANITIS P

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