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Conference "Route to Market" 12 June 2013 SOFITEL AIRPORT HOTEL

The new structure of the chain of retail service emerged through the new and pioneering conference “Route to Market” which was organized by the Supply Chain Institute with the scientific support of Planning under the auspices of the SEV- Federation of Enterprises, on June 12, 2013 at the Sofitel Airport Hotel and with the participation of 184 senior executives of large companies in the country.

The conference Route to Market were searched new routes to market are summarized as follows:

 ·         Several companies choose to rebuild the network of special associates and guidance of selected share of these actions with consulting for immediate upgrading of infrastructure, organization and service levels.

·         Other companies choose directly approach of the final points of sale with their own sales department where sellers visiting the points and manage customers. At the same time, they have entered into a partnership or 3rd Party Logistics company for the transportation and distribution to points nationwide or by their special partners who carry only the distribution maintaining repositories in storage areas or utilizing cross docking techniques.

·         Many companies choose mixed supply systems as indicatively, direct approach of organized retail and service of small retail partners through special or select another supply system according to the geographical area or specific codicology developing synergies.

·         The small retail constitutes a strategic pillar of growth for businesses mainly due to fluidity and almost zero credited

·         Many companies are looking for an outlet for their products in the international market, watching the daily reduction in the size of the domestic market.

·         Other businesses dare to enter their products into new channels. It has been suggested the example of pharmacy become a healthcare by adding several new product categories

·         Enterprises productive activity outside of Athens need to explore the prospect of synergies for the joint distribution to endpoints to reduce the operating costs still increased due to the distances from the major urban centers.

·          The majority of businesses are adopting modern technological applications that support the efficient organization and development of networks.

·          Also recognized by the delegates of the growing role of e-commerce and the need of business to operate over the internet.

·          The conference also highlighted the need to educate all the links in the chain of service regardless of market type (direct, with synergies, etc.) reached the final point of sale

The event raised under the auspices of: Sales Institute Association (RPF) SYNDDE & L (Association of International Freight Forwarding and Logistics), PEED (National Association of Freight Forwarders) AGMPM (Federation of Industries Production Packaging Material) and ITS HELLAS (Intelligent Transport Systems). Gold Sponsors were: JUNGHEINRICH HELLAS, RETAIL @ LINK, TELENAVIS, MANTIS HELLAS, METRON LOGISTICS, MINI MARKET & exhibition stands and sponsors: GS1 ASSOCIATION GREECE, INTERKLARK and MOBILE TECHNOLOGY. Sponsors: PROFIT, Boussias communications, Netweek, Plant Management, Supply Chain & Logistics Magazine, Logistics & Management, Metafores Press.

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