Wednesday 25/04/2018

Σεμινάριο: Διοίκηση Ομάδας για Υπεύθυνους Βάρδιας & Εργοδηγούς Αποθήκης & Παραγωγής, Παρασκευή 27 Απριλίου
Σεμινάριο: Μεταφορικό Κόστος - Πόσο καλά το ελέγχουμε; Μπορούμε να το μειώσουμε; Πέμπτη 3 Μαΐου
Σεμινάριο: Το Budget ως βασικό εργαλείο διοίκησης στην Εφοδιαστική Αλυσίδα, Πέμπτη 10 Μαΐου
Σεμινάριο: Your Best Self Ever, Πέμπτη 17 Μαΐου

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Logistics Rebuilding

The Greek Best Practices have shown the way
Valuable and the results of Live Voting
Congress of other times outside the crisis reminded the congress Logistics Rebuilding: 15 +5 Greek case studies, organized by the SUPPLY CHAIN ​​INSTITUTE with the scientific support of PLANNING on May 29, 2012 at the Sofitel Airport. The conference was attended by over 200 senior supply chain executives who participated actively throughout the conference day, while significantly boosting their professional networking

The Congress start with companies that have made steps Logistics Rebuilding, with their supply chain managers to present to the audience the methodology and results obtained. The conference was divided into 4 main sections(overall strategy Supply Chain Management, sourcing - commissions -stocks storage - transport - distribution and customer service - market supply) at the end of which was held live voting by the delegates to elect themselves also very interesting points and quantitative data. The conference concluded with a panel discussion which was attended by Messrs Dr. George Xirogiannis, Coordinator Unit Innovation & Extroversion SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, Stephanos Komninos, Secretary of Commerce, Sotiris Trichas, President of the Greek Society of Logistics, Barbagiannis Claus, President, Association of International Freight Forwarders & Logistics Enterprises of Greece (SYNDDE & L).

All this had been the support of SEV, Federation of Hellenic Industries & Enterprises and the following organizations: Greek Society of Logistics, National Association of Freight Forwarders - PEED, Panhellenic Association of Frozen Food - PASEKT, Greek Association of Industries Cold - EEVPS, Federation of Industries Production Packaging Materials - AGMPM and ITS Hellas. 

Important was the contribution of the sponsors: JUNGHEINRICH HELLAS, DELATOLAS EXPRESS CARGO, SYNERGY, METRON LOGISTICS, RETAIL @ LINK, DEXION - PETROGIANNIS, MOBILE TECHNOLOGY AND INTERKLARK. Innovations of the conference was to measure the Carbon Footprint and offset the environmental impact of buying Carbon Credit from the British Association "CARBON TARGET".

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