Wednesday 25/04/2018

Σεμινάριο: Διοίκηση Ομάδας για Υπεύθυνους Βάρδιας & Εργοδηγούς Αποθήκης & Παραγωγής, Παρασκευή 27 Απριλίου
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Planning & Supply Chain Institute announced the results of their recent survey "The Role of Supply Chain Directors during economic recession". The presentation took place at 27 February in the framework of Supply Chain & Logistics Exhibition - Athens. The attendants were also informed about funding programs regarding Supply Chain.

W ith increased interest in approximately 100 executives attended the Supply Chain conference organized by the Supply Chain Institute and Planning on February 27 in the report "Supply Chain & Logistics" in Athens. In the first part of the workshop, presented opportunities aids and subsidies, through specialized presentations Athanasios K. Black - Director General of Planning and Natasha Koumpourelou - Senior Consultant PLANNING FUNDING BUREAU. This gave the Ministry of Regional Development and Competitiveness through speech Mrs Popi Sampanis, Head EFSED (Special Coordination and Implementation Actions) of the General Secretariat of Commerce. Followed by the placement of two companies that have received funding in the past and filed experience: Mr. Tasos Mafrofidopoulos - CEO of Eastern Mafrofidopoulos SA. and Mr. John Androutsos - Commercial Manager Androutsos Group of Companies. Attendees had the opportunity to ask specific questions to GGEE like to share their views.
The second part of the workshop was equally interesting with the presentation of the results of recent research with Planning and Supply Chain Institute in cooperation with the magazine Supply Chain & Logistics, the role of Supply Chain Divisions in the midst of a recession. After the brief introduction of Ms. Marilena Argyros, Managing Director of Supply Chain Institute, an analytical presentation of research by Mr. Stamatis Andrianopoulos, executive consultant of Planning. Then there was discussion of the results of the roundtable panel composed of: Mr Joan Barlow - Director of Finance & Human Resources Manager SCA Hygiene Products AE, Irene Kalogera - Business Logistics Manager of the same company, Dimitris Margatina - Logistics Manager of Notos Com and Dimitris Georgas - Logistics Manager of Oktabit AE.

Among the most interesting findings are the focus of enterprises to reduce stocks, creating interdepartmental working groups within companies in order to save costs, the growing importance of small retail and other data presented below:

Detailing the findings of new research Planning & Supply Chain Institute

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